Friday, August 1, 2014
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Breakthrough GOLD Program

Gold SeatNeed A BREAKTHROUGH… To get YOUR life and business to the next level?

Have you ever experienced that excited feeling that comes with believing that anything is possible? There is something magical about knowing you can break through what has you stalled, and have the clarity, confidence, and conviction that you CAN take yourself, your business, your team, your life exactly where you imagine - the possibilities are endless!

Sometimes Success Gets In The Way

Nose to the grindstone, 1,000 To Do’s piling up, the sinking feeling in your gut that you’ve become “busy” instead of profitable… and you just wish you could get shifted out of the habits and patterns you’ve been in for years. Your vision, goals and dreams all shoved to the back burner for weeks… for months.

You’re not alone – it happens to everyone… until you hit the “had enough of being stalled” point.

A Bit Of History For Those Who Are New To Breakthrough By Design Starting in 2007 Linda Feinholz began creating programs taking the best practices of innovative successful businesses, distilling what works best and delivering it to Entrepreneurs and Business Owners… because it works.

Just like the 3 bears and their 3 bowls of porridge, we know you might want what’s “just right” for you now. Now 100s of articles and more than 5 books later Breakthrough By Design wisdom, tools and techniques on how to grow a business further, faster, easier are available in programs ranging from a weekly FREE podcast on iTunes to the year-long Breakthrough Academy.

And so the Breakthrough GOLD Program was born…

…daily tips delivered via downloadable audio recordings, and a LIVE weekly access to Linda Feinholz through the webcast – the live call where she works with a volunteer entrepreneur on the “Gold Seat” solving the challenges in their business…all the recordings for you to consume, repeat, use when it works for you.

Welcome to the Breakthrough GOLD Program

The Breakthrough GOLD Program was launched on the simple proven concept that “Breakthroughs Are Just One Thought Away!”

The ULTIMATE in business tips that you can implement the same day to create those breakthroughs in your business and life.

You’ve just found the ONLY place in the world that gives you world-class tips on how to clarify your Vision and Goals, refine your Profit Model, reset your Systems, and boost the performance of your Team…

Your Mindset, Tool Set and Skill Set get Breakthroughs fresh daily!

Fresh Ideas You Can Make YOURS Right Now

Breakthrough Gold ProgramIn today’s fast-paced world, no one has time to spend hours every day trying to learn and apply it, which is exactly why this innovative program gives you resources exactly the way you need them – in daily recorded quick tips and weekly longer LIVE gatherings.

Change Your Life in 9 Minutes or Less… Guaranteed!

The first part of The Breakthrough Gold Program is the Daily Breakthrough By Design Podcasts that shift your perspective, give you results-producing information, and actionable ideas. Short. Fun. Upbeat. The 9-minute program will boost you daily.

Learn From The Strategies & Successes Of Others Weekly.

The second part of the Breakthrough Gold Program is a weekly webinar where Linda Feinholz works with one volunteer entrepreneur on The GOLD Call – talking through the Goals and Strategies that will take their business to the next level…. while you watch and listen and apply it to your business and life as well.

Can’t make it live to the weekly webcast? No worries! The recordings are there for you in the Members Area to access at your convenience.

Think of this as the Breakthrough Insider’s Club for Entrepreneurs!

It’s So Easy To Get Started

Imagine waking up in the morning, Monday – Friday, and tuning in a radio show that is always talking about you? Always giving a positive boost, real-life strategies, and a few ideas to keep you moving forward! All the tools you need to succeed are only a click away.

Start Your 7-Day FREE Trial Now!

Everything you need to start on your journey to whatever business you dream is waiting inside! AND… you can try if for yourself for 7 Days FREE! Click the “Join” button now and in just a few seconds you’ll have instant access to everything on the page… and a few more surprises!

Once you get inside, you’ll find our welcome page, links to the recordings, and instructions for getting onto the live webcasts.

Need more help? Give us a call or drop us an email! Our goal is to do everything possible to get you breakthroughs… now!

One more thing…We’ve been doing this with thousands of satisfied customers and we value our reputation. Try The Breakthrough GOLD Program for $19.95 a month:

See for yourself 7-days risk free!

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